Expert-led online and in-person workshops for wellness practitioners


Created by Gregg Gonzales, LMT, my vision for the Dos Manos Project consists of helping wellness practitioners thrive and maintain personal and professional happiness. These workshops provide personal guidance, thoughtful insight and useful motivation to enhance therapists’ work and ultimately leave a lasting impression on those they serve.


The Dos Manos Project is comprised of five online workshops featuring presentations and discussions to expand the positive message of hands-on wellness practices through personal insight, research and discussion. My primary objective is to help attendees grasp a deeper understanding of the industry while changing attitudes and lives for the better.

Beginning with a complimentary 30 minute online Introduction to the Project, I will guide my attendees into areas of discussion that are pertinent to all practitioners. Each online workshop is 60 minutes in length with time built in for Q & A before concluding. Individual workshops are $25 each with a bundle of all five workshops for $100. Access to the workshops will be granted upon payment of the specific workshop purchased and can be easily viewed on a computer, table device or smartphone. Keep in mind, these workshops are 100% tax deductible as part of your continuing education!

The workshops are as follows:

Workshop 1 – The Foundation For Success
Workshop 2 – Life & Career Planning
Workshop 3 – Success Strategies & Conscious Business Practices
Workshop 4 – Marketing
Workshop 5 – Self-Care and Motivation


Individual wellness providers (self-employed, full or part time employees, contract workers, etc.)

The Dos Manos Project workshops will provide support and guidance for those practitioners who:

• Are thinking about starting your own practice, and wonder if they have what it takes to make it happen.
• Have taken first steps in opening their practice and feel overwhelmed with handling the mind-boggling amount of details that follow.
• Have tried different ways to attract clients and continue to get so-so or negative results.
• Want support in handling challenging clients.
• Believe their self-care is suffering.
• Believe their boundaries are weak.
• Feel like giving up on your career because it’s just too competitive.
• Feel isolated.

Spa/salon business owners and managers

My workshops will help you uncover and discover things about your business that you did not think were possible, and put you on a path to create a new future for you and your business. My goals for you are:

Time – Enhance your effectiveness and build on your strengths; accomplish more in less time.

Money – Increase Sales & Profits and have more fun; experience greater success with less stress.

Team – Build a team you will be proud of; create star performers; improve motivation and accountability.

Focus – Prioritized performance will boost your results; set and achieve goals.

Strategy – Create and follow a cohesive plan for growth and profitability; determine long term strategy.

The Dos Manos Project has been a passion of mine for many years, taking on many forms and many evolutions. What has remained a constant, however, is my conviction in knowing that my work, my nearly 17 years of experiences within the wellness industry, the people I have encountered and the challenges and rewards that I have experienced along the way are of significant value to practitioners at every level of their professional career.

My goals for this project are:

To provide personal insight, advice and guidance to help wellness practitioners achieve their personal and professional goals.

I want to inspire and enlighten those interested in topics ranging from individual wellness practices, business building strategies, enhancing customer service focus and strong work ethic practices.

Ultimately, I want the Dos Manos Project to be a source of not only powerful and insightful information on the topic of wellness, but also to help inspire and motivate practitioners to continue to help make a difference in people’s lives through positive touch.