Living Well Coaching – for individuals and families

As someone who struggled for years with managing the Big Three – life, food and fitness, I found that it was time to help others who seemingly have similar challenges but need a gentle push towards making positive steps. I still have my own daily struggles with these but have developed strong habits and mind-sets that now make it easier to find proper balance between the three.

The goal of Living Well Coaching is to help my clients find balance and sustainability within three main focus areas (lifestyle, nutrition and fitness.) The end result? Living a happy and healthy life; simply, effectively and ALL YOURS!

Living Well is developed not only for individuals looking to make positive changes but also for families who are wanting to create a positive and healthy environment at home. I’ve created an effective program that provides support and guidance, insight and valuable information but also accountability and structure to provide the best results possible. This is the basis of the Your30 Wellness Challenge.

Your30 Wellness Challenge

Sometimes, we all need a reset.

We become complacent within our awareness of what it means to be healthy and well. First, we all have stress and tend to deal with it in a variety of ways that at times are not productive and often times counter-productive. Second, we take fitness for granted and forget that providing movement to our bodies is a reward and benefit beyond our comprehension. Finally, we don’t stop to think about how we are nourishing ourselves and often eat in a rush, without care of what sort of reaction our bodies go through each time we eat without cause.

Do you ask yourself at times, “Am I having a hard time losing weight? Do I have chronic aches and pains that I can’t be explain? Is stress becoming an overwhelming aspect of my life? Does the idea of daily exercise intimidate or seem unattainable to me? Do my energy levels fluctuate frequently or are inconsistent or even nonexistent? Do I have nagging conditions (i.e. skin issues, digestive ailments, seasonal allergies, or chronic fatigue) that medication hasn’t helped?

A simple, effective and mindful approach to your overall wellness is here!

Your30 Wellness Challenge Overview

The Your30 Wellness Challenge from Dos Manos Wellness, is a simple, effective, yet challenging 30 day regimen created to reset your body and mind by focusing on the three pillars of wellness (lifestyle/stress-management, fitness and nutrition) with daily tasks within each to help you reach your goals.

For 30 days, as your coach and guide, I will provide you will all the tools you’ll need to accomplish meaningful results.

All I ask of you is this: give yourself the TIME to do this! Time to be mindful, time to support your body with physical activity and time to nourish yourself with healthy food that will eventually lead to positive habits and mindsets. For optimal results, my recommendation is to strictly follow the daily focus items listed below – especially the NUTRITION!

The Your30 Wellness Challenge daily tasks are:

Lifestyle/day to day management – Reward yourself with 5-10 minutes of mindful meditation each day to assist in your daily stress management. This easy but effective method to deal with your day has proven for thousands of years to assist in stress-relief and overall well-being. Simple instructions will be provided at the beginning of your Challenge to assist you.

Fitness/movement – Provide your body with 30 active minutes each day of quality movement or physical activity designed to increase your heart rate and get your blood pumping. Walking, running, biking, hiking, swimming, etc…all are completely acceptable. Get creative with your daily movement rituals, mix them up, and HAVE FUN doing them!

Nutrition – Eat “clean” for 30 days. Primarily, this means eliminating foods that your body simply does not need: added sugar and artificial sweeteners, unhealthy carbs and grains, alcohol, and nearly all forms of dairy. Besides resetting your body’s digestive system, the many benefits of “clean eating” are healthier bodies (including skin tone, teeth, gums, hair and nails), increased energy and improved sleep, reduced risk of disease or ailments, sharpened mental health and concentration, and ultimately, weight loss and improved body composition. A “clean foods” list will be provided to help guide you towards eating healthy and enjoyably!

How It Works

The Your30 Wellness Challenge is designed to jump-start your wellness regimen and is also a great way for individuals, co-workers and families to build a strong wellness plan and work towards achievable goals together.

You, along with your fellow group members, will start a new Your30 Wellness Challenge each Monday and continue for 30 days thereafter and be invited to join your specific Your30 Wellness Challenge Facebook Group page. Prior to Day One of the Challenge, you will be given a Starter Kit filled with specific instructions on how to address each focus area and motivating tips for success. Within our Facebook Group page throughout the Challenge, I will personally be providing support, guidance and suggestions for success. Mondays will be our “Week In Review” day to see how things are going and to set forth goals and outlooks for the upcoming week. Throughout the week, you can always reach out to me directly if you have any questions, concerns or thoughts as you progress through Your30 Wellness Challenge.


The Your30 Wellness Challenge is $50 per person or family and simply email me at to register for the Challenge date you prefer. Payment is required before beginning the challenge and an emailed invoice may be sent to you for easy payment access.

The Your30 Wellness Challenge was created with the sole intention to help you re-focus and re-think how you look at wellness. Living “well” is not only a gift but a choice we all must make in order to live happier and fruitful lives. This program, I believe, is a huge step towards amazing results and my wish is that you allow Your30 to guide you towards a lifetime of healthy living.

Getting Started

To inquire further about the Your30 Wellness Challenge,  simply email me at