Serving Well – Business Mentoring for Wellness Providers

What is the Serving Well Mentoring Program?

Ever since I became a massage therapist in 2001, I’ve always followed two simple rules when it came to my work as a wellness provider:

1. I am in the business of providing happiness and joy for my clients/customers.

2. I am in the business of creating RELATIONSHIPS, not clients/customers.

Once you’ve clearly gotten the grasp of those two ideas, I firmly believe that you can truly thrive in this industry, and frankly ANY industry that provides service to another person or people.

The Serving Well – Mentoring Program for Wellness Providers is simply this: to encourage and support, to be honest and realistic but most importantly, to hold you accountable. My approach is the same as I conduct my private practice: putting YOU first and making sure you’re satisfied with the results.

The Mentor/Client Relationship

As your mentor, my main focus is to:

1. Be a constant source of support who understands you and your business while focusing entirely on you, your challenges, your opportunities, your goals, etc.

2. Be someone you are comfortable with but someone who will push you to achieving your goals and not be a “yes man”.

3. Be someone who understands the in’s and out’s of the business from a variety of levels and experience (self-employed, employee, manager, trainer, teacher).

4. Help you create personal and professional growth, maximize unreached potential and methods to escalate your success.

The Mentor Program

Simply send me an email with your question, challenge or advice. That’s it…

I will then get back to you within 48 hours to begin our dialogue. Going forward, we then delve deeper into better understanding you and your work. We will talk about the challenges, set forth plans to overcome them with timelines, and proceed to follow-up on our work by evaluating how the effort is going. This process is done on your time, at your convenience.


Sessions are generally an hour in length and are $60. An complimentary introduction meeting is provided so we can determine how I can best assist you. We can meet either in person, by phone or online, which ever is most convenient for you.

I do ask for patience in getting back to you in regards to your correspondence, but I guarantee I will respond to your emails within 48 hours.

Getting Started

For questions about the mentoring program or to get started, simply email me at