About Me

Dos Manos Wellness was founded by Gregg Gonzales in 2017. Beginning his wellness career in 2001, Gregg’s vast experience in the industry includes roles as massage therapist, instructor, trainer and spa manager with companies ranging from the Arizona School of Massage Therapy, Four Seasons Resorts, Westin Resorts, Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa and Pure Vida Fitness and Spa. Since 2009, Gregg has been a small-business owner of wellness companies Bodywork By Gregg, Escapar Massage, Dos Manos Massage Studio and currently, Dos Manos Wellness.

Gregg’s list of skills include:

  • Successful small business owner since 2009.
  • Community activist for initiatives such as education, public health awareness, affordable housing and children’s hospital care by providing charitable contributions and donating work.
  • A strong motivator who inspires clients to reach their fullest potential through encouragement, feedback and effective guidance.
  • An effective teacher who helps to manage and guide effective learning — that is, actively recognizes and uses teaching and learning opportunities to enhance individuals’ performance.
  • Self-confident and appreciative of developing strengths and abilities; enjoys being involved in the growth and development of individuals and businesses.
  • Experienced in identifying and solving the issues facing wellness businesses and able to offer guidance on the resolution of the issues many are facing.
  • Supportive of wellness business’ needs and aspirations, encouraging them to accept business-related challenges and to overcome the difficulties of operating a small business.
  • Well-respected by clients, colleagues, business professionals and business owners.

Inspiration behind Dos Manos Wellness

“In 2009 when I decided to re-start my career as a full time massage therapist in private practice, the world was in a precarious state. The economy was severely damaged and people were generally stressed and short on funds, especially disposable income to receive regular bodywork. I recognized that while my needs and wants to build a sustaining career depended on those that I encountered to not only enjoy my services but to want to experience them again and again, I also needed to be aware of their challenges as consumers during this difficult time. Not only did I succeed in building a thriving practice, I feel that I provided much needed stress relief and comfort to those who came to my office to experience my work. I’m grateful for that opportunity and for every person who sets foot in my studio to this day.

Now, in 2017, we are in the midst of new challenges and stresses, in many ways the same feeling of uncertainty that was felt when my practice was just getting started. I see and hear everyday from my clientele the daily stress they experience and coming to see me is a small escape from the day’s news and issues. For 90 minutes, the goal for each of them is to get back to feeling one with themselves; giving back to their minds and bodies and feeling rejuvenated and refreshed to take on the world after their session is complete. As for myself, I definitely sense an increase in mental and physical stress from those that I treat and feel now, more than ever, that my work plays an essential role in their overall health and wellness.

I truly feel that my calling to be a driving force of joy and happiness as a Wellness and Business Coach/Mentor, is legitimized even more so during times such as these.”