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Welcome to Dos Manos Wellness!

My name is Gregg Gonzales, LMT, and Dos Manos Wellness has been a passion of mine for many years, taking on many forms and many evolutions. What has remained a constant, however, are three simple philosophies I live by in all aspects of my work:

1. Keep it simple

2. Make it effective

3. Always be mindful



Dos Manos Wellness is comprised of three initiatives:

1. Dos Manos Massage  -My massage therapy practice which focuses on being a place to FEEL GOOD NOW. My work is best described as intuitive and customized for each guest I encounter. My rates are $115 for a 90-minute session but I do also offer discounted packages for series of three and five massages. Also, as part of the Dos Manos Massage initiative, I have created the Dos Manos Wellness Corporate Massage Program to encourage companies to incorporate massage as part of their existing wellness program for your employees. Furthermore, I also offer a Couples Massage Workshop for those wanting to learn how to provide healing and bonding massage work with their loved-one or partner. More information can be found on the Dos Manos Massage page.

2. Living Well Coaching for individuals and families – My wellness coaching and workshops are designed to help clients with overall guidance through personal health and lifestyle education. I am fully prepared to help my clients meet their specific goals through interactive education within three key wellness components: lifestyle management, fitness/movement instruction and nutrition counseling. Extensive information about these key components of “living well” is shared through the program in an accessible, fun and highly effective way encouraging not only accountability but guided encouragement to achieve optimal results. My newly developed 30-day program, the Your30 Wellness Challenge, will be launching soon and is designed specifically for individuals, families, and work-place organizations for their employees. Further information may be found on the Living Well page.

3. Serving Well – Business Mentoring for Wellness Providers Both accessible and affordable, the intent for my mentoring program is to expand the positive message of massage therapy through personal insight, experience-driven advice and deep discussion. My primary objectives are to help wellness providers overcome their challenges, help put them on a path towards long-term success in the industry, and grasp a deeper understanding of their work while changing attitudes and lives for the better. For more information, please refer to the Serving Well page.